Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Party Fun

Tennis Ball Chicks

Coloring flowers for our Spring flower tree

Dieing the coconut for the chick cupcakes

Table decorated for lunch

Coloring eggs

Coloring again!

Cucpcakes cooked and cooling to decorate

Making bunny hats

Lunch~bunny sandwich's and carrots

Hand print Easter Lily's

Chick nests with eggs and chicks too

Finished product of the tennis ball chickens

What will happen?

Showing off their finished projects

Candy filled bunnies I made for the kids goody bags

Finished cupcakes

Pretty Lily's

Making our bunny's colorful

The easter bunny left me chocolates.... you wouldn't know cause he had them gone in a matter of seconds

Our Spring Flower Tree (how can you tell we want this snow gone?)

So pretty

Making mom and dad an Easter picture

Easter Party Lunch

She's eating a "rabbit" sandwhich

My little ones snacking on treats from the Easter Bunny

Craft Time

Rainbow Bunny

There getting bigger?!?!

"Wow, thats magic!" Those little things became sponges

Easter Nests

The joys of stickers

Look what the bunny brought

Munching away of some yummy treats

Can we open these eggs yet?!?!

Lunch tables center piece


Yummy Treats

She was talking to the bunny

Master Craft Women here!

Lunch must be good

Making the Easter Lilies

Little princess

Candy Bunnies

Pretending she's a bunny

Our egg hunt

Such a goof

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Decorated eggs

What do chicks say?  Quack, hop hop....????  I think we need to work on that still